During various Laborlore Conversations, the Fund for Labor Culture & History (FLCH) has offered many individuals in presentations ranging from academic papers, to informal discussions of particular projects, to film showings, and musical performances.

A chronological list follows:

I. Piledriver’s Hall, Oakland, CA – October 2, 2004

1. John Robinson: Publishing Workers’ Stories

2. Bucky Halker: Labor Music, Then & Now

3. Manuel Pena: Undocumented Field Workers Lore

4. Holly Syrracos: An Inventory of Labor Landmarks

5. David Elsila: UAW’s Cultural Programs

6. Will Jones: Southern Lumber Camp Blues

7. Maria Hetherton: A Shipwright’s Artistry

8. Peter Rachleff: Workingclass Counterculture

9. Maria Brooks: Pilebutt: Working Under the Hammer, A Film

10. Stephen Wade: The New Deal’s Vernacular Voice, A Banjo Concert

II. University of North Carolina, Folklore Curriculum Chapel Hill, North Carolina - September 24, 2005

11. Bob McCarl: Tomato Bucket/Pulaski and Running Coat: Artifacts and the ‘Social Dialectic’ of Work

12. Bryan McNeil with Elaine Purkey & Freda Williams: Holding the Thread: Coalfield Activists Discuss Their Efforts in Labor, Community, and Environmental Organizing

13. Tim Prizer: Angelica’s Dirty Laundry: Oral History and Advocacy in Labor Ethnography

14. Charlie Thompson with Don Candelario Gonzalez Moreno and Lupe Huitron: The Guestworker, A Documentary Film

15. Jason Leff: A Snapshot of North Carolina Workers

16. Mike Munoz: Giacomo Patri: Illustrations in Sequence

17. Norm Cohen: The Lowell Factory Girls in 19th Century Songs

18. Ronnie Pugh: A Wry Look at Retirement: Country Music’s ‘Old Age Pension Check’

19. Pat Huber: Red Necks and Red Bandanas: American Coal Miners and the Coloring of Union Solidarity

20. Angie Newsome: When the Thread Unravels: How the Social and Economic Fabric of a Western North Carolina Mill Town Changed When a Textile Company Died

21. Kerry Taylor: Turn to the Working Class: 70s Radicals and the American Worker

22. Various Artists: Bluegrass Concert


III. Ironworkers Hall, Benicia, CA – September 30, 2006

23. Dick Zampa: Family Tradition & Union History

24. John Robinson: Ironworkers on the Zampa Bridge

25. Julie Ardery: Conflict in Presenting Union Traditions

26. Saul Schniderman: An Inventory of Labor Landmarks

27. Tim Kelley: The Garcia & Maggini Warehouse, A Labor Landmark Project

28. Derek Green: Commemorating San Francisco’s First Central Electric Power Station

29. Susan Sherwood: The SFSU Labor Archives

30. Sandra Cate: Tip Jars

31. Pat Huber: Carolina Piedmont Textile Musicians and the Creation of the Modern South

32. Bob Cantwell: Literary Examples of Laborlore

33. Shelly Romalis: Sarah Gunning, Appalachian Balladeer

34. Mike Munoz: Pilebutt Lore

35. Janet Gilmore: Great Lakes Fisheries

36. Maggie Holtzberg: Boston’s Big Dig Project

37. Suzanne Povse: Women in the Philadelphia Metal Trades

38. Maria Brook & Jim McNamee: Shipping Out, A Film

39. Los Cenzontles: Perform Mexican Vernacular Music with Comments by Guillermo Molina


IV. Library of Congress, Washington, DC – August 16, 2007

40. Nick Spitzer: In Katrina’s Wake: The Building Trades in New Orleans

41. Bob McCarl: George Korson’s Pioneering Field Work & Research Ethics

42. Brian McNeil with Elaine Purkey & Freda Williams: Organizing Coal Communities in West Virginia Around Issues of Environmental Degradation and Social Justice

43. Anne Lewis: The ‘Morristown’ Project and Challenges in Community Documentation

44. Barbara Miller: Labor’s Deconstruction at Environmental Sites: Environmental Activism and the Consequences of Heavy Industry

45. Paula Johnson: Assessment of Waterways Work; Representing and Translating the Craft of Labor in the Museum

46. Elaine Eff with Janice Marshall & James Lane: The Changing Nature of Work Traditions in a Watermen’s Community; Issues in Collecting and Collaborating Between Community Scholars and Scholars

47. Carl Fleischhauer: Collecting and Presenting Labor Techniques & Traditions in Paradise Valley, Nevada; Self-documentation Strategies and Methods

48. Maribel Alvarez: Transnational Artisanal Culture on the US-Mexico Border

49. Julie Ardery & Mike Munoz: The Expressive Culture of Giacomo Patri

50. Hal Cannon & Susan Church: Deep West Video Community Documentation Project

51. David Roediger: The Big Red Songbook and a Short History of Labor Song Collecting

52. Hazel Dickens & Mike Seeger: Perform Old Time Music, Joe Wilson Comments


V. Sailor’s Union of Pacific Hall, San Francisco, CA September 20, 2008

53. Jack Wright: Music of Coal, A 2-CD Set

54. Erin Farrell: India Basin Boat Yard

55. John Robinson: Latino Bridge Builders

56. Margie Ryan: Twin Scholarships, UNC & Jack Henning

57. Gunnar Lundeberg: The SUP Hall as a Cultural Treasurehouse

58. Jeff Currie: Lumbee Indians as Sheetrockers

59. Marjorie Hunt: The Smithsonian Institution Meets the National Cathedral’s Stone Carvers

60. Lincoln Cushing: The Labor Poster Book

61. Catherine Powell: San Francisco Labor Landmarks Guide Book

62. Gilbert Gonzalez: The Bracero Film

63. Nari Rhee: Silicon Valley’s New Work Force

64. David Walls: The Red Flag, A Song Study

VI. Roosevelt University, Chicago, May 28-30, 2009 in cooperation with the Labor and Working Class History Association (LAWCHA)

Laborlore: The Big Red Songbook

65. Joe Grim Feinberg, University of Chicago
66. Paul Garon, Beasley Books
67. Adam Machado, Fund for Labor Culture & History, "The Big Red Songbook on Record"
68. David Roediger, University of Illinois-Urbana
69. Ronald Cohen, Indiana University-Gary (emeritus)

Laborlore: Finnish Workers Culture and Songs in the upper Midwest:

70. Bucky Halker, independent scholar, chair and discussant
71. Hilary Virtanen, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "Pienet punaiset laulukirjat: Finnish Americans and their IWW Songs"
72. James P. Leary, University of Winsconsin-Madison, "Yksi Suuri Union: Notes on a Finnish American Workers' Song"

Laborlore: Working Class Country Music and Blues:

74. Bill C. Malone, Tulane University (emeritus), "Country Music and Work: a Lecture in Song"
75. Patrick J. Huber, Missouri University of Science and Technology, "Linthead Stomp: Southern Cotton Millhands and the Creation of Hillbilly Music"
76. David M. Anderson, Louisiana Tech University, "Exiles' on Main Street?: Southern White Migrants and the Transfomation of the Industrial heartland, 1910s -1950s"
77. Roger House, Emerson College, "Black Jazz Musicians in Chicago in the Interwar Years" Laborlore: Workers in Art

78. Cristina Balli, Texas Folklife, "Roel Flores: Farmworker and Artist"
79. John Lear, University of Puget Sound, "Representing labor: Artists, Workers and Union in Mexico in the 1930s"

Laborlore: Workers' Stories, Workers' Media:

80. Pamela Conners, University of Wisconsin-Madison, "'Americans Talk Back': (Re)presenting Workers Stories and Songs on Radio in 1941"
81. Richard March, Wisconsin Arts Board (retired), "Rough Stuff: March Family Lore of CIO Organizing in Chicago"
82. James Lorence, University of Wisconsin-Marathon County (emeritus), "song of the Poet: Don West and Appalachian Culture"

Laborlore/LAWCHA (joint session): Mentors ant the Crossroads: Studs Terkel, Herbert Gutman, Archie Green:

83. Stephen Brier, Graduate School, CUNY, "Legagies of Herbert Gutman"
84. Al Stein, Chicago State University, "Preserving Workers' Stories and Race Identity: Studs Terkel's Place in History"
85. Sean Burns, University of California-Santa Curz, " Always on Stolen Time: Archie Gren's Influences on Labor History, Folklore and American Cultural Studies"
86. Paul Ortiz, University of Florida, Chair and comment

87. Laborlore/LAWCHA Luncheon Included, a short film by Alex Johnston, "Learning to Bend Steel," regarding Archie Green's first day on the job in the San Francisco shipyards

Laborlore/LAWCHA Concert: Class and Song:

88. Betty Fikes (SNCC Freedon Singers, collaborator with Mabis Staples),
with Michael Honey (guitar)
89. An All-Star Band organized by Bucky Halker (Laborlore singer and scholar), and including:
Janey Bean (Freakwater, 11th Dream Day)
Jon Langford (Mekons, Waco Brothers)
Bill Brickey (Old Town School of Folk Music)
Don Stiernberg (Jethro Burns, Alice Peacock)
Tom Pierkarski (John Prine)


VII. City College of San Francisco, Mission Campus, July 11, 2015.

Laborlore Conversations VII, with the Labor and Community Studies Department of City College of San Francisco.

90. Sign Display Local 510

91. SEIU Janitor's Local 87

92. La Colectiva de Mujeres


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