Books and publications listed in activity list order: (this list is under construction)

San Francisco Labor Landmarks Guidebook: A Register of Sites and Walking Tours, San Francisco State Universtiy Labor Archives and Research Center, 2002

Exploring Roots Music, edited by Nolan Porterfield, Skarecrow Press, March 2003

Spanning the Strait: Building the Alfred Zampa Memorial Bridge, by John Robinson, Carquinez Press, Oct. 2003 (Arcardia Publishing)

The Big Red Songbook, Charles H. Kerr Publishing Co., Dec. 2003 (Published 2006)

Boston Big Dig Oral History, by Maggie Holtzberg, Aug. 2003

To Make the Run, by Joe Gladstone, Carquinez Press, March 2005

All This for a Song - A bibliography and seclected Anthology of Ballad Case Studies,by Norman Cohen, University of North Carolina, Southern Folklife Center, 2004

Corridos Study, by Jim Nicopolulos

Bridging the Tacoma Narrows, by John Robinson

Harry Oster, Study of work songs

Benicia Bridge photo essay, Ironworkers Local 378

Contra Costa County Bridge Study, by John V. Robinson

Vincent St. John Biography, MaryJoy Martin

Laborlore anthology, 2006

Piledriver history picture book, Bill Myers

Agitate! Educate! Organize! American Labor Posters, by Lincoln Cushing and Timothy W. Drescher, Cornell University Press, 2007

George Farris Diary, Carpenters Local 22

1927 Carquinez Bridge Demolitionbook proposal by John Robinson

Tradeswomen, by Molly Martin





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